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Pedro Ortuņo, aka Mr Gagun, is a producer, composer, mixer, trombonist and Dj settled in Madrid. He works mostly as an instrumentalist and as a music producer, carrying out projects with great other producers such as David Penn, Pedro Vidal, Van Rubi, Edgar Grau, Nitro&Bass, Guy Gomez and Pablo Schuller among others. He has also worked with distinguished musicians and singers like Alejandra Barella, Mario Gomez, Roberto Pacheco, Susana Funkwomanand many others.

In 2002 he published his first album as a producer with "Fanatica". He has participated in a number of projects including performances at clubs like Space (Ibiza), Pacha (Madrid), Mundaka (Murcia), ClubZ (Alicante), Taboo (Madrid), La Luna (Cadiz), Moe (Madrid), Sala Tempo (Madrid),The Image (Bilbao), Sala Sol (Madrid) and others. Accompanied by the vocalists Alejandra Barella and Mari Gomez, he is now back with a new piece of work brimming with funk and energy.

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