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DJazz .Orgonite - Double 'O Jazz

Catalogue No: TMDG 209
Release Date: April 9, 2021
Media: Digital & Special Edition CDR

DJazz.Orgonite is a "mix" between "Electronic & Acoustic", between "Hardware & Humans", between "DJs & Musicians".




"DJazz" is a combination between two words: "DJ" and "Jazz" (overlapping "J"), the two core elements that generate "DJazz". Since there are various musicians, producers, DJs and bands with the name DJazz, we had to add something to differentiate them from the others.

Orgonite balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive (orgone) energy. In the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called "orgone". "Orgonite" is a specific term that refers to the MIX of metal (conductor) & resin (organic substance) used in "orgone generators" (Oracs). DJazz.Orgonite is a "mix" between "Electronic & Acoustic", between "Hardware & Humans", between "DJs & Musicians".

The project DJazz.Orgonite is formed by Roelant Hollander - saxophones on "Double 'O Jazz", "Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary" & "Yo Sco" . Beat, bass, keys programming & sampling on all tracks. Miroslav Petkov – trumpet on all tracks. Jivko (DJ Jijo) Marinov - scratches on "Double 'O Jazz", "Nu-Frisco-Funk" & "Yo Sco". Todor (DJ Emotion) Zhelyazkov - scratches on "Yo Sco". Guest artists appearing on this EP. Bertolf Lentink - guitar on "Double 'O Jazz". Vito Giacovelli - percussion on "Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary". Etienne Lebel - trombone on "Nu-Frisco-Funk". Rutger Renden - bass on "Hip cHops". For this album the group chose to use a different Concert Pitch (A4=432Hz).

In memory of Todor Zhelyazkov & Ivan Boyadzhiev.
All tracks were composed, arranged, edited, mixed and produced by Roelant Hollander, except "Double 'O Jazz" was co-written by Bertolf Lentink.
All tracks recorded by Ivan Boyadzhiev and Roelant Hollander at Studio 21.
Converted to 432 by Frederic Van den Poel with the EVO432.
For more information about DJazz .Orgonite visit their website:

Audiophile Analog Mastering by Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos @ Timewarp Mastering
Cover Design: Timewarp

DJazz .Orgonite - Double 'O Jazz will be available on April 9, 2021 for sale in special edition CDR and digital download at timewarpstore and all digital music retailers across the internet.


1. DJazz .OrgOnite - Double 'O Jazz
2. DJazz .OrgOnite - Yo Sco
3. DJazz .OrgOnite - Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary
4. DJazz .OrgOnite - Nu-Frisco-Funk
5. DJazz .OrgOnite - Hip cHops (Free Download)

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