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Nicolas Atlan (Aka Lumiere Binome StabFinger) started music at a young age by first learning the piano and then almost every instrument he can get his hands on...

It was in 2004 that Nicolas launched his 'STABFINGER' project for the opening of the Crookers' 'Animal Tour'.

'STABFINGER' is intended as an electronic and eclectic project which has the sole ambition of creating a dancing sound by undermining any form of musical barrier: from Funk to House, from Break to Swing, from Cumbia to DrumN'Bass

His overflowing creativity allows him to experiment while keeping his own identity.

He is doing more and more collaborations, but it was in 2014 that he fell on the troublemaker of the turntables: Prosper (Dj) !

From that point PROSPER & STABFINGER will mistreat the Funk with loud blows of whirring bass and racy Beats!

The label that has signed exclusively PROSPER & STABFINGER is BombStrikes (ultimate reference for Breakbeat / Bass Music in UK: A-Skillz, Krafty Kuts, Mooqee, Beatvandals, Basement Freaks, The Allergies, Shaka Loves You, Ali B ...).

And in less than ten E.p's (collaborations with renowned musicians and vocalists like: Too Many T's, Georges Perin, Lions Pride, Everyman, Awoke, K-Mi)

The duo has conquered the public and the set lists of the biggest producers of the planetary groove.

If you follow these two French guys they will make you dance without rest !!!

PROSPER got the Funk! STABFINGER got the Soul!

I hail from London and now live in Derbyshire. I put out my first records as a teenager in the early 90's when I was signed to Positive Beat Records in lay low Ladbroke Grove. One of the tracks from my first record was featured on Aroe & Soundmakers 'Crown Jewels 2' compilation in 2008. This helped bring me back to recording and performing after some years out of the game.

These days my music features on various radio stations including Itch FM, BBC Radio and Thames FM. As a performer I have opened for many artists including and I regularly perform at Notting Hill Carnival with (MC Reason) and at community Hip Hop celebrations in Leeds. Some of the artists that I have recorded and performed with are: Awol Collaboration, Noble Throne,Tj Chill, Spatts, LSK, Daddy Speedo, Prosper, Stabfinger and KAOS Krew.

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