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Auditors Domination is the musical project of Stylianos Serafeimidis and Michael Kasabalis from Thessaloniki , Greece.

From their formation in 2008 they found themselves digging into various music genres, blending traditional with electronic music , based on a world beat treatment.

The music of Auditors Domination is played in bars , clubs ,small and large venues , even in TV shows.This is a characteristic that few musicians accomplished.

Their first album , "Palace of Light", was released in 2012.It is a mix of electronic and ethnic sounds, colored with dub melodies.Their next step was doing remixes for various artists such as Palyria, Thomas Blondet, Second Sky, Basement Freaks, Nile Philips, Empresarios and more.

After a series of live shows the band was busy in their studio producing new material . Their upcoming work is based on the production principals that characterize them.

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