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Apedroid releases on Timewarp Music:

TMDG101 - Apedroid - Banana Beats


Raised on a diet of blues, funk and soul, Apedroid is a producer from London, England. Having "cut his teeth" on the London live music scene, Apedroid (a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist and producer Mark Salisbury) began crating his own blend of live instrumentation and electronics in an attempt to create the kind of music he himself would want to get down to.

Quirky, eclectic and downright dirty, with a healthy love and respect for the bygone age of scratchy funk 45's and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Apedroid's music has a healthy disrespect for cool and convention.

Of his tunes, Apedroid says "if someone somewhere feels like shaking their ass to it or if it raises a few smiles and nods a few heads, then I've done my job"

Look out for the live, full band Apedroid experience in 2012.!

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