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2008: JazzProfilactika started with DJs Jijo, Emotion and Ivo-But-Not. While most DJ's in Varna (Bulgaria) turned more and more Electronic, these three DJs decided to do something else: play tasteful Jazzy grooves from their headquarters Cubo (Beach) Bar. From 2008 to present day the JazzProfilactika DJs performed with many different national and international guest musicians.

2011: the first JazzProfilactika band was formed, the 'JazzProfilactika European Trio', featuring DJ Jijo (turntables - Bulgaria), Roelant Hollander (saxophones - The Netherlands) and (Vito Giacovelli (Percussion - Italy). With this trio formation the project did its very first tour in Bulgaria.

2012: Due to the positive response from the audience during the trio's tour, a larger formation was formed, featuring DJ Jijo (turntables), DJ Ivo-But-Not (Ableton Live), Roelant Hollander (saxophones), Neyko Bodurov (trumpet) and Krasi Borisov (guitar). In the years predating 2012, the JazzProfilactika crew had been using tracks made by other producers as 'base' for their performances. For the 2012 'Soundsystem' though Krasi Borisov and Roel Hollander wrote the major part of the tracks and 2 tracks were made collaboratively. Only one of these pieces ('Stop & Go') was recorded but not released.

2013: the formation changed. DJ Ivo-But-Not started his own formation and Krasi Borisov left the formation and was succeeded by Tsvetan Momchilov (keys and French Horn).

2014: the first pieces (for what has become the debut album Tick Tock) were written. The formation played at various clubs and festivals in Bulgaria, trying-out their new repertoire. That same year JazzProfilactika initiated and organized the very first 'International Jazz Day' celebration ever, held at Cubo in Varna and was nominated for the Varna Award category "Arts & Culture" for: "active concert activities in 2013 and successfully imposing Bulgarian club culture in the original mix of popular and club music combined with ethnic motifs, Latin rhythms, Jazz and modern DJ techniques."

2015: JazzProfilactika finished composing the tracks for their debut album and started the recordings. The recordings came to a halt when their good friend, sound engineer and 'brother in arms' Ivan Boyadzhiev passed away (16.06.2015). It took a while before they were ready to proceed, Roelant taking over Ivan's job in recording the rest of the album, the saxophone recordings for most tracks had fortunately been done already by Ivan.

2016: Roelant started editing and mixing the recorded material, at the end of 2016 the album was ready.

2017: The search for a good label started and soon one was found: TimeWarp Music.

JazzProfilactika has performed at Cubo (Beach) Bar (Varna), Bee Bop Cafe (Plovdiv), Sofia Live Club (Sofia), Radio Varna, benefit festival "Smiles for Karin Dom" (Varna), Blueberry Festival (Ambaritsa), Studio 21 (Varna), In The Palace International Short Film Festival (Balchik), Cherno More TV (interview), “Meadows in the Mountains” Festival (Polkovnik Serafimovo), Club Case (Varna), Petnoto Na Rorshach (Plovdiv), Sozopol July Morning Festival, AO.


DJ JIJO (Jivko Marinov - Live: Turntables & Scratching) Being one of the founding members of JazzProfilactika, DJ Jijo has set his mind on the development of the JazzProfilactika Live concept, mixing electronic music with live Jazz. Being one of the few Bulgarian DJ's that master various scratching techniques, DJ Jijo tries to use his turntables as true instruments, real-time interacting with the instrumentalists of the group.

ROEL HOLLANDER (Live: Saxophones) As one of the musicians present from the very start (2008), Roel has not only been playing his saxophones, but was (and is) active in the development of the repertoire and visual aspects of the project (logo design, website, et cetera) as well. As Dutchy, Roel is the only non Bulgarian member of the project.

NEYKO BODUROV (Live: Trumpet & Flugelhorn)

Neyko joined JazzProfilactika in 2012. This made it possible to change direction musically, with two horns (Neyko and Roel) lovely themes could be written, and wicked horn arrangements made.

TSVETAN MOMCHILOV (Live: Keys & French Horn) The latest addition (2013) to the JazzProfilactika crew is Tsvetan Momchilov, filling in the "void" left by the embarkment of Krasi Borisov (Guitarist of the 2012 formation). With Tsvetan on keys the formation was complete once again. His French Horn gives additional “color” to the horn section.

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